Trapmaster and Chief of the Blade Scale Kobolds


Tilx is a rather petty creature, exceptional only for his greed and treachery. When he showed some rudimentary skill at mechanics, he was apprenticed to Gell, the clan’s Trapmaster, but his own skills never advanced beyond repair and maintenance. Despite his limited talent, however, Tilx wanted more. He sabotaged his master’s latest creation, a poison gas trap, and then took advantage of his weakened state to challenge and kill him according to kobold tradition, seizing Gell’s position and wealth for himself.

The new Trapmaster continued in this way for some time, taking on his own students and murdering them to claim their inventions as his own. Eventually he was assigned a new apprentice named Zeel, whose creativity and skill heralded great things for the clan were he to ever take on the Trapmaster’s mantle. Great things for the Blade Scales, but not for Tilx. Fortunately, the young kobold was naive and trusting; Tilx arranged an accident with the apprentice’s newest machine, and, in a rare flash of inspiration, concocted a scheme for greater conflict.

He blamed a nearby tribe of goblins for the “attack” that killed his apprentice, who was personally assigned to his position by the clan’s draconic patron, Krathyliax, and stirred the clan to war. During one of the many skirmishes against the Crow Wing Goblins, Tilx arranged for the clan’s Chief, Scropstitch, to be captured and sold into slavery. After also poisoning the clan Champion and leaving him to be ambushed and killed, Tilx made himself Chief and Trapmaster, appointing as Champion a brute of a kobold named Kird, as dumb as kobolds come and addicted to one of Tilx’s stolen alchemical compounds.

The Blade Scales have fared poorly under Tilx’s leadership. He keeps the tribe in constant conflict, using any opportunities to eliminate potential rivals. The spoils of frequent battle keep the masses distracted and happy, but the every day the tribe loses more warriors and makes more enemies. Further damage is dealt to the clan by Tilx’s paranoia, as he removes any would-be challenger with the drive and ability to save the Blade Scales, including gifted tacticians, sorcerers, and leaders.


The Ashes of the Nerathi Alatheon