The Ashes of the Nerathi

Into the Horned Hall, Part II

Session notes for 5/21:

  • The party proceeds into the Southern Fortress when Bjorkus blinks out of existence. Where he’s gone, they do not know.
  • Once inside the Southern Fortress, they find a storeroom filled with foodstuffs. Zeel, citing his high gnome metabolism, digs in. Strabo drinks.
  • They find Fallcrest slaves in the kitchen of the Southern Fortress. They are told to hide while the party takes care of “The Champion”.
  • Zeel, in a moment of astounding clear-headedness, bars an escape entrance for possible opponents.
  • The party springs a two-pronged attack as they storm the Great Hall of the Southern Fortress. There they fight an enlarging duergar, Rundar, that makes Birk (after Birk hits him) the primary target of his attacks. Rundar is aided by guards and scouts. But even the Champion falls at the feet of our party.
  • After much discussion with the slaves, who beg to be led away, they are sent off with Terrlen Darkseeker, who had earlier arrived with Evanna in tow. Terrlen requires compensation for this, then happily sets out with the slaves. The party, however, feeling the exhaustion hit them, quickly follow after (but not after leaving a couple notes).
  • Upon their arrival back at the Seven Pillared Hall, Zeel gets down to business with Gendar and does some shopping for rituals and components, and in the process weaves a stirring tale for Rendil and Bennik the Wanderer. Sieatha runs into Vadriar the sage and discusses Torog and the cisterns beneath the Horned Hall. Evanna confirms a hold symbol gift upon Surina. Finally, they sleep, and set off again early for the Horned Hall.
  • The party carefully re-infiltrates the Horned Hall. They find the entrance from the Southern Fortress (which they had reinforced against entry) reinforced in turn against them. They backtrack to the Northern Fortress and stealthily crouch down to cross the gap, as Sieatha senses that someone could have a fair vantage point to spot them if they were not careful.
  • Zeel unlocks the door into the Western Fortress. It is a mostly dark room, and after Sieatha here’s someone at the door leading off into another part of the fortress (which may house the guard of the bridge they just crossed) Zeel uses Arcane Lock to bar the way.

Another fight has begun, but the party’s fate remains to be seen…



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