The Ashes of the Nerathi

Into the Horned Hall, Part I

Session notes for 5/14/2012:

  • After finding a map within the Grimmerzhul Trading Post, the party departs for the Horned Hall in pursuit of the theurge Kedhira, who escaped from the trading post to warn his fellow duergar. Evanna stays behind to confer with her mentor, Surina.
  • Upon arrival, the portcullis entrance into the Northern Fortress of the Horned Hall is found to be heavily guarded by a battalion of orc berserkers.
  • The party defeats the orcs and advances further into the fortress, wherein they meet the Urhol, the smith, and their old friend Kedhira, the maniacal theurge. Evanna rejoins the party, bolstering their offense.
  • Zeel drinks from a fountain, which he thinks is “full of ghosts”. He also finds a scepter with a skull on the end.

What awaits them within the fortress?



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