The Ashes of the Nerathi

Into the Grimmerzhul Trading Post

Session notes for 5/7/2012

  • Upon exiting the Chamber of Eyes, the group sets off toward the Seven-Pillared Hall, but they’ve attracted some unwanted attention from the commotion they created. They are quickly attacked by the wight Al’Az’Bani and his group of rotwing zombies.
  • After the zombies are dispatched, the wight quickly surrenders, and offers a key to what he calls “The Court of Bones”. The key is silver and shaped like a human thighbone.
  • With Rendill leading the way, the party make it back to the Seven-Pillared Hall without incident.
  • Once back in the hall, Sieatha recognizes the looming problem of the religious zealot in her group, Evanna, and has a conversation with Phalaedra within the Temple of Light about how to best deal with it.
  • Phalaedra mentions the dragonborn warlock Surina may be able to provide some guidance to Evanna. After introducing herself to Surina at her bunk in the Pigeonholes, Sieatha bring Evanna to Surina, and they both have a conversation. Evanna, noticeably calmer, goes back to the Halfmoon Inn, and she and Sieatha act upon the sexual tension between the two of them.
  • None of the men act upon their thrumming sexual tension.
  • The next morning, the party enters the Grimmerzhul trading post, intent on finding information. What they find is only terse, evasive answers, which frustrates Strabo to the point where he grabs one of the duergar shopkeeps and threatens him bodily.
  • A close fight occurs and other duergar flood into the room. At one point, the duergar Theuge Kedhira appears, and blasts the party with fire and poisonous gas. Then, feeling that the party may have the upper hand, she makes a break for it, but not before Zeel’s mustache sends her into peals of laughter that echo down the hallway as she quickly beats a retreat, presumably to the duergar stronghold of the Horned Hall.
  • After the duergar are dispatched, the party finds several goodies and a map detailing directions to the Horned Hold.

The stage is set for the next portion of the journey.


“The Men” are a dwarf, a minotaur, a dragonborn, and a scaley gnome. Do you REALLY want us to act upon any thrumming sexual tension?

Into the Grimmerzhul Trading Post

Dwarf and minotaur, dragonborn and “gnome”. I think that matches up pretty well.

Into the Grimmerzhul Trading Post

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