The Ashes of the Nerathi

Into the Chamber of Eyes

Session summary for 4/30/2012:

  • Last time, the party made a foray into the Chamber of Eyes, a temple to Torog, god of the Underdark, wherein they encountered goblin guards and bugbears.
  • Continuing deeper into the chamber, the party encountered a dire wolf (quickly dispatched) and hobgoblin archers. One of the archers quickly left the room through a secret passage and alerted the leader of the Bloodreaver slavers, Krand. Krand, his warcaster, and a couple duergar soon joined the fray.
  • After a lengthy battle, a search of Krand revealed a letter detailing the recent sale of the Riverdown slaves to the duergar Murkelmor.
  • The party blasphemously toppled a statue dedicated to Torog, alerting more enemies within another portion of the chamber. These enemies were soon dispatched.



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