The Ashes of the Nerathi

Into the Horned Hall, Part II

Session notes for 5/21:

  • The party proceeds into the Southern Fortress when Bjorkus blinks out of existence. Where he’s gone, they do not know.
  • Once inside the Southern Fortress, they find a storeroom filled with foodstuffs. Zeel, citing his high gnome metabolism, digs in. Strabo drinks.
  • They find Fallcrest slaves in the kitchen of the Southern Fortress. They are told to hide while the party takes care of “The Champion”.
  • Zeel, in a moment of astounding clear-headedness, bars an escape entrance for possible opponents.
  • The party springs a two-pronged attack as they storm the Great Hall of the Southern Fortress. There they fight an enlarging duergar, Rundar, that makes Birk (after Birk hits him) the primary target of his attacks. Rundar is aided by guards and scouts. But even the Champion falls at the feet of our party.
  • After much discussion with the slaves, who beg to be led away, they are sent off with Terrlen Darkseeker, who had earlier arrived with Evanna in tow. Terrlen requires compensation for this, then happily sets out with the slaves. The party, however, feeling the exhaustion hit them, quickly follow after (but not after leaving a couple notes).
  • Upon their arrival back at the Seven Pillared Hall, Zeel gets down to business with Gendar and does some shopping for rituals and components, and in the process weaves a stirring tale for Rendil and Bennik the Wanderer. Sieatha runs into Vadriar the sage and discusses Torog and the cisterns beneath the Horned Hall. Evanna confirms a hold symbol gift upon Surina. Finally, they sleep, and set off again early for the Horned Hall.
  • The party carefully re-infiltrates the Horned Hall. They find the entrance from the Southern Fortress (which they had reinforced against entry) reinforced in turn against them. They backtrack to the Northern Fortress and stealthily crouch down to cross the gap, as Sieatha senses that someone could have a fair vantage point to spot them if they were not careful.
  • Zeel unlocks the door into the Western Fortress. It is a mostly dark room, and after Sieatha here’s someone at the door leading off into another part of the fortress (which may house the guard of the bridge they just crossed) Zeel uses Arcane Lock to bar the way.

Another fight has begun, but the party’s fate remains to be seen…

Into the Horned Hall, Part I

Session notes for 5/14/2012:

  • After finding a map within the Grimmerzhul Trading Post, the party departs for the Horned Hall in pursuit of the theurge Kedhira, who escaped from the trading post to warn his fellow duergar. Evanna stays behind to confer with her mentor, Surina.
  • Upon arrival, the portcullis entrance into the Northern Fortress of the Horned Hall is found to be heavily guarded by a battalion of orc berserkers.
  • The party defeats the orcs and advances further into the fortress, wherein they meet the Urhol, the smith, and their old friend Kedhira, the maniacal theurge. Evanna rejoins the party, bolstering their offense.
  • Zeel drinks from a fountain, which he thinks is “full of ghosts”. He also finds a scepter with a skull on the end.

What awaits them within the fortress?

Into the Grimmerzhul Trading Post

Session notes for 5/7/2012

  • Upon exiting the Chamber of Eyes, the group sets off toward the Seven-Pillared Hall, but they’ve attracted some unwanted attention from the commotion they created. They are quickly attacked by the wight Al’Az’Bani and his group of rotwing zombies.
  • After the zombies are dispatched, the wight quickly surrenders, and offers a key to what he calls “The Court of Bones”. The key is silver and shaped like a human thighbone.
  • With Rendill leading the way, the party make it back to the Seven-Pillared Hall without incident.
  • Once back in the hall, Sieatha recognizes the looming problem of the religious zealot in her group, Evanna, and has a conversation with Phalaedra within the Temple of Light about how to best deal with it.
  • Phalaedra mentions the dragonborn warlock Surina may be able to provide some guidance to Evanna. After introducing herself to Surina at her bunk in the Pigeonholes, Sieatha bring Evanna to Surina, and they both have a conversation. Evanna, noticeably calmer, goes back to the Halfmoon Inn, and she and Sieatha act upon the sexual tension between the two of them.
  • None of the men act upon their thrumming sexual tension.
  • The next morning, the party enters the Grimmerzhul trading post, intent on finding information. What they find is only terse, evasive answers, which frustrates Strabo to the point where he grabs one of the duergar shopkeeps and threatens him bodily.
  • A close fight occurs and other duergar flood into the room. At one point, the duergar Theuge Kedhira appears, and blasts the party with fire and poisonous gas. Then, feeling that the party may have the upper hand, she makes a break for it, but not before Zeel’s mustache sends her into peals of laughter that echo down the hallway as she quickly beats a retreat, presumably to the duergar stronghold of the Horned Hall.
  • After the duergar are dispatched, the party finds several goodies and a map detailing directions to the Horned Hold.

The stage is set for the next portion of the journey.

Into the Chamber of Eyes

Session summary for 4/30/2012:

  • Last time, the party made a foray into the Chamber of Eyes, a temple to Torog, god of the Underdark, wherein they encountered goblin guards and bugbears.
  • Continuing deeper into the chamber, the party encountered a dire wolf (quickly dispatched) and hobgoblin archers. One of the archers quickly left the room through a secret passage and alerted the leader of the Bloodreaver slavers, Krand. Krand, his warcaster, and a couple duergar soon joined the fray.
  • After a lengthy battle, a search of Krand revealed a letter detailing the recent sale of the Riverdown slaves to the duergar Murkelmor.
  • The party blasphemously toppled a statue dedicated to Torog, alerting more enemies within another portion of the chamber. These enemies were soon dispatched.
Into the Thunderspire Labyrinth

Here’s the short list for reminders of what has happened so far:

  • Kalarel was defeated. In doing so, the party prevented Orcus from escaping from the Shadowfell.
  • Orcus, angered that his freedom eluded him when it was so close, pounded upon the planes of reality—this unsettled the various realities, causing shifts and rifts and oddities that some notice and others do not.
  • Upon returning to Winterhaven, you were instructed that the dead were attacking the village and were pointed down the path to the cemetery. There, the dead rose up with the aid of Ninaren, Kalarel’s spy and possibly lover, but were dispatched by the already exhausted party.
  • Lord Padraig was informed of the doings within the keep, and entreated you to investigate the slavers within Thunderspire. A visit to Valthruun revealed little of Thunderspire, but did whet his appetite for news from the Labyrinth.
  • After a much needed rest, the party set off for Thunderspire. They stopped for the night in Fallcrest, and set out the next morning.
  • With little to go on once you arrived in Thunderspire, going past the Minotaur Gate and into the mountain. There, you confronted a team of Bloodreavers and rescued the young halfing, Rendill Halfmoon.
  • Rendill lead you back to the Seven-Pillared Hall. There, you met his aunt, Emma Halfmoon, proprietor of the Halfmoon Inn. For thanks in rescuing her nephew, she’s allowed you to stay at the Halfmoon Inn for free.
  • Zeel visited Gendar’s Curios, wherein the ex-patriot drow had a task for him to find a skull scepter.
  • After a night’s sleep, the party set off toward the Chamber of Eyes with the guidance of Rendill.
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